Zoom H6 measurements

There are plenty of reviews of the Zoom H6 portable recorder, but for some reason technical measurements are hard to find. Therefore I have done a few simple tests myself. Although I'm not an EE, these should be pretty reliable.

Test signals were generated on a Mac with AudioTest and sent over FireWire to a Lynx Aurora 16 DAC. FFT plots: iZotope RX.

Frequency Response (24bit 96kHz mode, input 3+4, PAD active)

Note that the dB scale is in 0.1 increments. The response is flat within 0.15 dB up to 30 kHz, which is pretty good.

 Noise spectrum (300Hz-48kHz, 24bit 96kHz, inputs 3+4 connected to Aurora DA outputs)

 1kHz sine at -6 dBFS