Technica Del Arte, custom built digital mixer with 16 ch remote mic pre-amps (Rens Heijnis design) and ADC's
Rens Heijnis custom built analog mixer 10+16 ch
Rens Heijnis portable battery-powered 4 ch mixer


B&K (DPA) 4006 *
B&K (DPA) 4011 *
DPA 4060
Neumann KM 83 *
Neumann KM 84 *
Schoeps CMC 52 *
Sennheiser MKH30
(* modified by Rens Heijnis)

recorders /DAW:

Pyramix (DAW)
BoomRecorder (Mac)
Sonic Solutions HD (DAW)
Sonic Solutions Classic (with Exabyte and DDS4 drives)
Studer A810 (analog open reel)
Zoom H-6 (portable 6-ch recorder)
Tascam DA-78 (digital 8-track)
Fostex D20 (DAT)
Sony DTC-1000 (DAT)
Sony PCM F-1, 601, 701 with PAL betamax recorders
Nakamichi 582 (cassette)


Genelec 1022A
Genelec 1094 subwoofer
Neumann KH 120A
Philips 587
Sennheiser 650 & AKG 340 headphones

auxiliary equipment:

tcElectronics M-5000
Weiss SRC-2
Lynx Aurora 16
Prism DA
RTW peakmeters
Nakamichi High-Com
Rens Heijnis custom built talk-back set for location recording
Rens Heijnis monitor amp Rens Heijnis
Van den Hul, Mogami and Gotham microphone cable