New directions:

in view of the decline of the cd-industry and especially the sales of classical music, Galaxy Classics has decided to make music more attractive to the customer.

Vincent Wouters was asked to help develop a creative change within Galaxy Classics and define formulas to adapt to the new market situation.

Special Projects:

We invent musical projects which are custom made on request of our customers. Besides that we also start projects on our own initiative when we feel that they will be successful. In those cases we try to find a matching customer for the project.

For every project we try to use existing recordings, either from our own catalog or from commercial cd's. If no suitable recording exists we propose to make a new recording ourselves. After the repertoire has been chosen we start designing the look of the product, in close collaboration with our customer and his/her target.

Galaxy Classics invents special projects for companies, non-profit and charity institutions like UNICEF and the German Child Cancer Foundation.

The idea:

Research indicates that the traditional cd in jewelbox has dramatically lost its popularity. No real surprise after almost 30 years. Our primary mission is to package/present the music in such a way that the customer finds it special.

Our recent design of the decorative cd-wallet with matching envelope is a good example for this. The key innovations in the design were that the wallet can stand and is easy to send by mail. Thanks to this concept we can present music for almost any conceivable occasion.

We have successfully used this decoration for the Roman Catholic Church for the occasion of the Maria worship. The theme is Mother and Son. We called the project "Meditation". We have chosen the best suitable music and designed a poster with promoting text. The success of this decoration-cd depends greatly on the combination of choice of music repertoire, choice of illustration on the package, the counter display, poster, in short: a complete concept from A to Z.

This formula has proven very successful for projects like the German Child Cancer Foundation and the Birth-CD project for cities and hospitals in collaboration with UNICEF in the Netherlands and Belgium.